Names of books, publications, stories, etc. published by the organization in the area of communal harmony and national integration

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RLEK was also instrumental in publishing of a comprehensive book on “The Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 which includes- Rules and Notification, Status Report on Implementation and procedure for Diversion of Forest Land. As an innovative step the book is a Diglot Edition for easy understanding and comprehensive knowledge.

List of Publications

  • These materials developed for Adult education Programme:
  1. Unique and Innovative Literacy Programme for Van Gujjars (a nomadic Minority Group)
  2. Nyay Darpan
  3. Naya Safar (part 1 )
  4. Naya Safar (part 2)
  5. Naya Safar (part 3 )
  6. Panchayat Training Module *
  7. Panchayat Praveshika      *
  8. Achal Jyoti (part 1)    *
  9. Achal Jyoti (part 2)    *
  10.  Apni Bachat Apna Sahara
  11. Ek hee kaat ke Khelootey (part-1)
  12. Kamlo Kamal Ki
  13. Juvaad bhag
  14. Kaam Takatak Ek he kat ke Khelootey  (part-2)
  15. Mera  ka ghar  evam kavitaie

*Have been developed by the sister organization of RLEK, the State Resource Center for the Adult Education Programme

Panchayat Raj Publications

  1.   73rd Amendment (Hindi)
  2.   Gram Panchayat Ke Adhikar (Hindi)
  3.   Gram Panchayat Ke Registers (Hindi)
  4.   Mahila Shasktikaran (Hindi)
  5.   Panchayat Raj Sansthai (Hindi)
  6.   Nyay Panchayat (Hindi)
  7.   Pragati Ke Path Par Agrasar-Part I (Case Study) (Hindi/English
  8. U.P. Panchayat Raj Adhiniyam, 1947 (Hindi)
  9. Ke Naye Panchayat Raj Ke Antargat Navin Niyamavali (Hindi)
  10.  U.P. Panchayat Raj Niyamavali. 1947 Adhyaye 1 Se 4 Tak (Hindi)
  11.  U.P. Panchayat Raj Niyamavali. 1947 Adhyaye 5 Se 13 Tak (Hindi)
  12.  A Step Towards Progress (English)
  13.  Panchayati Raj Ke Ayaam (Hindi) (English out of Print)
  14.  Panchayat Raj Chunab (Hindi) (English out of Print)
  15.  Let The Confident Voice Emerge (English)
  16.  Irade Kar Buland (Hindi)
  17. Interface Meeting (Report Of The Open Forum) (English/ Hindi)
  18. Women and Governance IN South Asia- A handbook
  • Legal  publication
  1. Protection of Domestic violence Act 2005
  2. The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act
  3. F.I.R
  4. Divorce
  5. Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act (ITPA)
  6. Dowry Prohibition Act
  7. PCPNDT Act
  8. Right to Information
  9. Rape-An Offence
  10. Public Interest Litigation
  11. Bail
  12. Minimum Wages Act
  13. Tourist Law
  14. Maternity Benefit Act
  15. Abolition of Bonded Labour Act
  16. Scheduled Caste &Scheduled Tribe Act
  17. Maintenance
  19. Consumer Protection Act
  20. The Scheduled Tribes and other Forest dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006
  21. Election Judgment on Panchayati Raj
  22. Delimitation Judgments
  23. Financial Domain Judgments  on Panchayati Raj
  24. Nyay Panchayats

Other publication of RLEK:

  1. Community Forest Management in Protected Areas.
  2. Traditional wisdom in Natural Resource Management – The only way to conserve
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