Establishing linkages across national boundaries

RLEK has established its credentials as an institution builder across national boundaries. It has emerged as a raining Institute on issues of gender, good governance, human rights etc. It has been providing trainings to not just people from the country but also from other nations. These trainings serve as a platform for participants to – learn, study, share experiences, gain an insight into issues of concern & emulate best practices in their respective countries. Some of the noteworthy trainings it has conducted in recent years include –

  • Project Advisory Group from the Human Rights & Good Governance Advisory Unit, Nepal visited RLEK for training & re-ordination to learn from its experiences. The Group comprised of few MPs & a Sr. representative from the Bar Association of Nepal among others. The purpose of the visit was to learn about India’s experience & impact of decentralization, power sharing (devolution), reservation etc.
  • Training of Trainers conducted for participants from the Social Work Institute, Katmandu, Nepal.
  • A delegation comprising of Chairpersons of District Development Committees from Bhutan visited RLEK to undertake training & apprise themselves on the work undertaken in the realm of Local self-governance – it’s functioning and implications in India.
  • Capacity building initiatives for a team from Bangladesh on decentralization & good governance.

This has given RLEK a stature of an institution builder as it affirms it commitments towards a just and sustainability society through focused training and capacity building.

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