Water and Sanitation

UP Rural Water Supply and Environment Sanitation Project (UPRWSESP)- Swajal

Poor water and sanitation is one of the largest causes for infant mortality and health problems especially for the poorest of the poor. RLEK in partnership with the Government of Uttar Pradesh and World Bank implemented a unique community partnership model on Integrated Rural Water and Sanitation Program as UP Rural Water Supply and Environment Sanitation Project (UPRWSESP) in the year 1996 viz a viz demonstration of  proper maintenance and management of a critical water source, watershed management, reforestation ,environmental awareness, environmental enhancement, protection of human health, alleviating poverty and safe drinking water, public awareness campaigns for watershed awareness and protection .The first models were established in the villages with community contribution and ownership was field tested with the community. The model was adopted by the government of India as the Swajal Program that led to the poor to their basic Human rights entitlement to safe water.

UP Rural Water Supply and Environment Sanitation Project (UPRWSESP): In the Year 1996 RLEK worked with 6 villages namely Kunja-Grant, Dumece, Aamwala, Ramnagar-Danda, Satengal in the Doon Valley and Bhogli in the neighboring Bijnor under the Uttar Pradesh Rural Water Supply Sanitation Programme. This was an endeavor to raise the living standards of the communities through health and environmental sanitation. In this programme we had constructed the followings:

  1. tube wells,
  2. hand pumps,
  3. rain water harvesting and
  4. gravity spring systems etc

The Project achieved satisfactory and sustainable outcomes primarily because it empowered the communities and women stakeholders through making them the decision makers and operators of the infrastructure schemes. Such empowerment efforts have led to the choice of more affordable and appropriate technological options that are better suited to the needs of the villages, reduction of drudgery, and increase in the villagers’ ownership and motivation to perform Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the schemes.

  • Operation Groundwell Volunteers – A cleanliness Drive for the Marginalised Community in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand.


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